The Shaman's Journey - Awaken

With Deb Macintyre

This course is an introduction to the ancient practice and processes of Shamanism and how these primal teachings can assist you in your every day life. 

At the conclusion of the Shaman's Journey with Deb Macintyre you will have acquired insight into the secret practice of Shamanism, your spirit guides, and your primal self.  By completing the practice activities you will experience real change in your life to the core of your being through healing, guidance, clarity and purpose.  This course is for you. Join an ancestral Shaman as she takes you on a spiritual journey that will open the gateways to a deeper connection of self and your authentic truth.

Deb Macintyre
Deb Macintyre
Shaman, Seer, Transformational Life Coach

About the instructor

Shaman, Seer and Transformational Life Coach. Deb is also a Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Speaker. Deb Macintyre was born in Calcutta, India and raised in Western Australia. She has over 20 years coaching and mentoring experience working in the corporate, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Deb is unique as a Transformational Life Coach, incorporating her corporate business background with human psychology and organisational behaviour. Together with anthropology, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Combining eastern yogic philosophy and her history as a Shaman and Seer.

“I disrupt patterns in your life that no longer serve you. Learn my secrets on how to succeed in business and in life”.

Deb believes every human has the right to live inspired and empowered lives. She is involved with community projects locally and abroad and works closely with health care providers, corporate businesses and educational institutions.

One of Deb’s mantras “is the pursuit of knowledge” her studies have included human behaviour and psychology as part of her MBA; eastern yogic philosophy and psychotherapy; neuro-linguistic programming (‘NLP’); human development, movement and mechanisms; language and literature history. Deb has also studied Jazz Performance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (‘WAAPA’) and attained her Diploma of Fitness.

In 2015 Deb travelled to India and lived in an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. Connecting to her roots; completely immersed in the study and practice to become a Yogi.

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Follow Deb through this 10 week online course.  Learn about Shamanism, Chakras, and how all of this can help you disrupt your patterns.

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