What is Shamanism

with Deb Macintyre

This is an introductory course about Shamanism, its practices and processes.

This ancient spiritual practice is relevant today as it was for our ancestors in primal times.

An understanding of this spiritual teaching and practice activities are provided for your learnings.

Deb Macintyre
Deb Macintyre
Shaman, Seer, Spiritual Teacher

About the instructor

Shaman, Seer and Spiritual Teacher. Deb was born in Kolkata, India and raised in Western Australia. She has over 25 years coaching and mentoring experience working in the corporate, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Deb is unique as a Shaman, incorporating her corporate business background and studies in psychology with neuroscience, eastern Vedic philosophy and Ayurveda. She is a Shaman by birthright. Her grandmother Shaman Padmavati, born into the Nepalese royal family shared ancient Shamanic knowledge and wisdom from Deb's ancestral line of Shamans originating in Mongolia, Tibet and Northern China. Ancestors who journeyed to Nepal and India. 

Deb integrates into her Shamanic work her vast knowledge and studies in psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (‘NLP’), human movement and body mechanics, anthropology, ancient history and music. In 2015 Deb travelled to India and lived in an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. Connecting to her roots; completely immersed in the study and practice to become a Yogi.

Deb Macintyre is a Writer, Poet, Speaker and Transformational Life Coach.


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